Economic Truth

This is my debut as a blogger or commentator and I will dispense with introduction and get right to some issues.


There is no doubt that we are in big trouble.  “The truth shall set you free” is wisdom.  Unfortunately very few are telling the truth, and in the unending bombardment of lies from all sides, we are not being set free, but continually enslaved by the lies.


The biggest practical enslavement tool used against us is debt.  So what can set us free from debt?  We need to understand how and why the debt is created and work to get rid of the architects of the system.


The Federal Reserve Bank is one of the worst players in the game.  They answer to no one but themselves and they control everything.  Their entire purpose is to promote unending debt and enslavement. 


Here are some basic facts.  They took us off the gold standard before all of you were born.  As a result they can make “money” out of thin air.  They then lend this money at interest to everyone else, including other banks and to the government.


Everything they do is designed to create and promote debt.  They love war.  They lend money to finance them and create more debt.  The more you look into the process the more you will understand the diabolical truth behind it.


I would like to clarify two things from recent events to make my point.  First is the Bush economic stimulus package.  This is a plan to “give” everyone some cash to spend.  But no one asks the two basic questions.  Why are we in such trouble in the first place and where is this money coming from?


We are in trouble because of the crushing debt.  The money is coming from putting us into more debt.  This is not a good plan for anyone except for the banks who loan the money at interest.  This is the game they play over and over.


Metaphorically it is like someone saying to you, “I want to give you some money.  Would you like that?  Fine, there is only one little catch; I have to borrow it from you before I can give it to you.”  You will have more money but you go into debt to get it.  This is a continuation of exactly what caused the problems in the first place.


We really need to wise up to this scam.


More recently, the government is going to bail out the mortgage lenders (Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) to “save” the economy.  The lenders put everyone into debt and now they have pushed it too far.  So the government will take over and keep them from going under.  How does it do this?  It supposedly fixes the problem which was caused by debt, by putting every one of us into further debt.  And the Federal Reserve laughs all the way to the bank.  They are the bank.


JFK knew about this scam.  He was planning on putting us back on the gold standard.  He was assassinated.


None of the politicians want to fix this.  They are caught in the same system which has us in this mess.  The proponents of this debt machine will tell you that it is complicated and that you can’t possibly understand it.  They continue to enslave you by putting you and future generations into further debt.  And then they ask you to trust them.


You can trust them.  You can trust them to continue with the scam.


The simple truth is that you cannot borrow your way out of debt.


Wake up.



One Response to “Economic Truth”

  1. Eric Harrington Says:

    Good points Robert. A very important issue, maybe THE important challenge we face. The debt money system is legal slavery.

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