Cash for Gold

I have to react to the BS coming from the presidential candidates.  Sorry to rain on your parade, but neither candidate has the answer to our economic woes. 

The same forces at work which gave us the Great Depression and every stock market crash and bank run in history are still going strong and we all pay for it. 

As you have read in my previous articles, the problems are with the debt based monetary system controlled by the bankers of the world.  No plan will work if we do not return to an honest money system.  Period.

There have been people with the brains enough to see this simple truth but unfortunately none of them are running for office.  The world monetary system is a scam and until we overhaul the system, things will continue to be bad for us all.

We need to stop making money .ie debt, out of thin air.  It is how the tranfer of wealth to the bankers has been accomplished and as long as this system is used, we are doomed.

Let me make it simple.  The money you have is worthless, as is the debt which is causing the economic upheaval worldwide.  We were all robbed long ago by the central banks and bankers of the world.  This happened when we were taken off the gold standard.  The central bankers who did this even today would dissagree with my assessment.  In their minds, they are there to “help” us poor stupid people.

As long as this continues, the world wide money game is nothing more than that, a game which no one but the bankers can win.  Both candidates are talking about change, but none are talking about changing the system which is at the root of the problem.

If you want change, the change we need to make are to take the power of the central banks away from them.  Anything else is band-aids for cancer. 

Nothing short of a return to the gold standard will fix the problem.  JFK was the last great leader to suggest this course of action.  Keep that in mind as you ponder the real reasons behind his assassination.

When the FED took over the U.S. money system, they took us off the gold standard, and the entire world wide monetary system has done the same.  Ask yourself, if gold is not all that important, then why is its value rising while the value of all currency is dropping?

Why do the central banks insist that they and only they have control of the gold?  There was a time when paper money was backed by gold and had value.  Since we were removed from the gold standard, the buying power of your dollar has lost 98%.

The money you use has value at the whim of the central banks.  That is the tool they have taken control of to control you.  They have made you their slaves by putting you in debt, with money they have created from nothing.  Tomorrow they can say that your money is worthless, and it won’t make any difference what you have in the bank, or set aside for your retirement or your children’s education.  They really don’t care because they have already hoarded all the gold and when they finally get around to causing the monetary system to fully collapse, they will have all the marbles.

I have to laugh at the gullability of people who watch those commercials offering cash for your “dusty old worthless gold jewelery”.  If the gold is so worthless and the money is so valuable, why would they do it?

Come on, how stupid can you be?  They are just mining you for every last bit of gold they can.

Stop the Fedral Reserve System and the BIS.  They tricked us into it.  It is time we took it back.  That’s change we can believe in.

If you want to learn about how the FED came about and gained power, I recommend Creature From Jekyll Island – G. Edward Griffin 

If you wan’t to Know about the Bank for International Settlements (BIS), refer to my previous article “Ban-aids for Cancer”.

Revising or replacing the monertary system may seem like an undoable task.  There is no doubt that it will not be easy.  But it is inevitable unless we wish to accept without question our roles as slaves to a powerful elite.

Let me show you how calus these people are.  Here I reprint the closing passage of a speech made by Ben Bernanke who now heads the FED.  This is the end of a speech addressing historical work about the Great Depression.

If one Googles “Milt Friedman 90th” one gets a speech delivered
by now chairman of the FED [then Gov.] Ben Bernanke, in which he
admits that the FED was responsible for the Great Contraction ‘29-’31


The brilliance of Friedman and Schwartz’s work on the Great Depression is not simply the texture of the discussion or the coherence of the point of view. Their work was among the first to use history to address seriously the issues of cause and effect in a complex economic system, the problem of identification. Perhaps no single one of their “natural experiments” alone is convincing; but together, and enhanced by the subsequent research of dozens of scholars, they make a powerful case indeed.For practical central bankers, among which I now count myself, Friedman and Schwartz’s analysis leaves many lessons. What I take from their work is the idea that monetary forces, particularly if unleashed in a destabilizing direction, can be extremely powerful. The best thing that central bankers can do for the world is to avoid such crises by providing the economy with, in Milton Friedman’s words, a “stable monetary background”–for example as reflected in low and stable inflation.

Let me end my talk by abusing slightly my status as an official representative of the Federal Reserve. I would like to say to Milton and Anna: Regarding the Great Depression. 


You’re right, we did it.
We’re very sorry. But thanks to you, we won’t do it again.

I find it very telling in that the now chairman of the Fed would refer to the historical tragedy for the American economy with such a statement.  Was the Fed’s action of causing the Great Depression just a joke to him?  I don’t find it funny.  Perhaps you now know the attitudes of the central bankers regarding their power and what they think of your lives.

They are doing it again and will do it again and again until they are stopped.


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