I will pull the trigger!

In the aftermath of the central bank induced panic, it is likely that we will have fallen for it yet again.  This is such an old tactic used by the banking elite that it makes me want to laugh, if only it didn’t have such tragic consequences.


Although as of this writing the bailout has not passed the House.  You can still call your congressman and urge him not to do this.  But I don’t think you are yet ready to rise to the occasion. 


What you will do is the same thing that has been done in the past.  You will panic and give the bankers more power and control, moving you further into debt and one step closer to being slaves.  The banker J.P. Morgan manufactured the panic of 1907.  The private banking elite tricked us into establishing the FED and again in 1920 they consolidated their private power by creating another panic.  And finally in 1929 they recalled the margin loans and crashed the Stock market.  They intentionally brought about the Great Depression and have admitted to it.  They have finally admitted to doing all these things and jokingly promise not to do it again.  And they love war, any war, because it is a profit center to them.


It has just happened again.


Pease get clear about what just happened.  This last panic was caused by the head of the FED, Ben Bernanke.  Just 10 days ago he came to us with his grave concern.  Bernanke is the head of the PRIVATE bank named the Federal Reserve.  And in only 10 days we panicked enough to give him what he wanted.


It is a variation of J.P. Morgan’s (another elite banker) successful attempt to cause the panic of 1907.


You are looking for comfort.  It is entirely more comfortable to believe the lies than face the truth.  This action will inevitably lead to the only possible outcome.  You will gain the illusion of hanging on while moving steadily toward losing everything.


The reaction to a threat is very easy to understand.  Metaphorically it is as follows.  A robber pulls a gun on you and tells you that he is going to shoot you if you don’t give him your money.  You don’t want that, so you hand over whatever he wants to avoid the robber pulling the trigger.


Well congratulations.  You have just been robbed.  The gun was the threat of economic collapse.  The gunman was the private central bankers.  And the money was the bailout (now referred to as a “rescue” and more recently a “buy in’.  It still stinks, whatever the label they attach.)


In the above mentioned metaphor, I would react the same way.  I would turn over the money to stay alive.  But let me tell you something you don’t know.  One day you will realize that the gun being pointed at you is empty.  It is only the threat which is significant.  If you knew that the gun was empty, your reaction would be quite different.


You will realize that you have power.  You have a gun too, and yours is not empty.  All you have to do is to have the courage to pull the trigger.  Here is how you can pull the trigger.  You stop believing the lies.


You realize that the present central banking system is not necessary.  You have the courage to support the repeal of the Federal Reserve Act which created your assailant.  You move the control of money back to the U.S. Treasury and let it be administered by the government, as was the intent of our original structure.


You can also support the idea of Federalizing the FED.  This may be confusing, but you have to realize that the thing we now call the Federal Reserve System in not Federal.  They are no more Federal than Federal Express.  It is a label used to confuse you.  It is a misrepresentation to you that it is something other than a privately owned Bank.  Make them really “Federal” if that seems better than transferring control of the money system back to the treasury.  But get rid of the private banking elite.  You do not need them.  After looting all the gold, they took us off the gold standard.  They set up a money system which gave them the power to make money out of nothing and thereby debt out of nothing. 


The crushing debt which is straining the monetary system, not only of the States, but of the entire world is based on worthless paper.  It is an illusion, a construct of a corrupt evil elite bent on enslaving you.  The paper was originated by these bankers.  This has a worse chance of success than a house of cards in a hurricane.  These very few men are now sitting somewhere quietly laughing at you for being so easily manipulated, and gloating about how clever they are.


This central bank took control of our monetary system, usurping the power of the government.  They did it by manipulation and deception in 1913 with the Federal Reserve Act.  They have not changed their tactics to this day.  Stop believing the lies.


Understand once and for all what motivates these private bankers.  They care only about their own power.  They care only about having control over you and the governments.  They care only about themselves.  And they do not care about you.


It is time for us to pull the trigger on them.



4 Responses to “I will pull the trigger!”

  1. walkndude Says:

    bail out divided by US population, even world population.
    you do the math.

  2. DJ Long Says:

    I see a pitfall here. It will take some strong, smart and courageous politicians to organize a movement to federalize the Fed. And somehow success in the political arena is spelled M-O-N-E-Y.

    If there is none (except what’s controlled by big banks) we need a different currency for leaders to get into power. The only thing I can think of is brilliant use of the Internet and grass roots enthusiasm. I will pass this article along…maybe get some thoughts started.

  3. MacQuarrie Says:

    You left out the biggest point: By federalizing the Federal Reserve, you instantly eliminate most of the National Debt.

    Here’s how it works: The Fed tells the Treasury to issue X amount of currency. The Treasury prints the money and sells it to the Fed for the cost of printing. The Fed sells it to member banks at face value, and they distribute it to you at the ATM. The difference between the face value of the currency and the printing cost is added to the National Debt.

    Oh yeah, while we’re at it, let’s pass the bill that was once called the Liberty Amendment when it was introduced as House Joint Resolution 23; a simple bill that says the Federal Government can exercise the powers granted to it in the Constitution. It’s been tabled for 55 years or so.

  4. Gregorys Despains Says:

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