Help, I’ve just been robbed again!

I was going to wait until after the election before doing any additional posts, but I just had to post this one.


Now let is look at what just happened and is continuing as you read this.  We have been stampeded into a panic once again.  This historically is nothing new.  This is a technique employed by the banking cartel and has been done so, repeatedly from the time of its creation in 1913, and done prior to that by the people who formed the cartel.   In 1910 they made a plan to grab the power.  They forced its creation by the very bankers who would form the private banking cartel now mislabeled as the Federal Reserve Bank.


If you haven’t done your homework on this, you can read in my previous articles about some sources you might want to check out.


So let’s look at what just happened, how it was motivated, and who benefits.


The banking industry was guilty of creating a debt bubble in the housing market.  It was irresponsible of them to do so, but they did it for profits with out regard to the consequences.


When their self created bubble finally burst, as it had to do, three people stepped up to stand before us to announce the pending disaster.  First let’s look at who they are.


George Bush is one, whose grandfather was one of the banking elite.  We know that Bush has little trouble in lying as he has demonstrated quite often.


The second is Paulson, now head of the U.S. Treasury department, which is now in partnership with the Banking Cartel and is formerly a member of the banking elite, and will most likely return to such a position after his time with the treasury.


The third is Bernanke, who is in fact the front man for the Federal Reserve cartel.


These three men announce that the economy is in trouble.  What is the nature of the problem?  Credit has seized up in the banking establishment, but what does this really mean?  It means that they can’t make loans, which is to say that they can’t create additional debt.  The creation of debt is the profitable business of the banks, because they collect the interest on the debt.  And it is the mechanism which they use to create money.


Poor poor banks, how can their executives keep their multimillion dollar golden parachutes unless they can continue to create debt?  It is heartbreaking.  How can they loan money so that they can collect interest and make profits?  Debt is the only way they can make money out of thin air?  But debt can only be created, if someone wants to make a loan, and the crisis was that no one wanted to buy the bad debt from the banks.


Have you noticed that the discussion of the golden parachutes has dropped out of site?  They will not be eliminated.  They most likely will not even be reduced or limited to any great extent.


So these three guys tell us that they are in trouble.  A panic is started, and the money boat is rocking all over the place.  Someone has to buy this debt, or we will all go down!  So guess who has to buy the debt?  You.  You must save the bankers and the flawed system.


You, must bail out the banks.  Now how are you going to do that?  By going into debt.  Hooray say the bankers.  We just created a whole bunch of new debt, and now we can get back to creating more debt.


So we let the bailout pass.  We have just assumed $700 billion worth of debt.  The banks will operate again using the money they have just put us into debt to create.  But here is where the scam becomes obvious.  Creating money out of debt debases the currency.  This is called inflation.  You will not only owe the debt, but the interest on the debt, and on top of that prices on everything will go up.  That is the way the fractional reserve money system works.  It always has worked exactly this way.


Oh my gosh, say we, how can we afford to live?  Don’t worry about that say the banks, we will be glad to loan you more money.  You can just keep living while you go into further debt.  Why do you think we took all that money from you?  So we can loan it to you and keep the dept mounting, and the interest piling up and the inflation going up.  Don’t worry that this will take us right back to the same problem all over again.


If you doubt this is what is happening, look at the most recent events.  The first step in the bailout is to give your money (which you now owe) to the 9 largest banks, whether they are in trouble or not.  So who are the first pigs to get to the trough?  Well they include all the banks that make up the cartel of the Federal Reserve.  That’s right.  We are going to borrow the money from the Federal Reserve and then give it back to them.  The only thing that has changed is that you now owe it to them.


And what do you get in return?  Inflation and the ability to go into more debt.  What a sweet deal this was.


Now I see Bush is calling for a summit meeting of the world’s central banks.  They are all connected by the Bank of International Settlements (BIS).  But what they want to do is make certain that the central banks survive, while the rest of the people in the world bail them out as well.  They do not just want to limit this to the U.S.


If the banks can just hang together on this scheme, they will consolidate and be able to rule over us all.  There is a vast difference between, globalization, which is to create a totalitarian system, and world unity which would be a good thing.  Don’t confuse these concepts with one another.  They are not the same thing.


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