In more modern times, people have gotten away from wanting to be isolationists.  I went through that phase, but I am returning to it for a number of reasons.  First of all it was what the founders wanted and they had good reasons. Isolationism is really just a way of respecting other countries.  But it is easy to get people to accept the totalitarian goals of the one world order, once you get then to agree that isloationism is a bad thing.  It is one of those slippery slope things. 


Also we need to look at two aspects of interaction between countries.  One is to do with government, and the other is to do with trade.  Government has to do with rulers and politics.  Trade has to do with exchange of goods or resources.  But the guiding principle for both is to do the right thing.  It is the golden rule.


As a country we need to decide if we are going to take care of ourselves and if we really have even a right to police the rest of the world.  I do not think we do.  This all got turned upside down when warfare became so bad and the WMD came on the scene.  Now the whole planet can be affected by war between two counties.  So the issue needs to be looked at from two perspectives.  One is ideologically and the other is realistically.  I think you have to do the first, and get very clear about that, before moving onto the second, otherwise you start to violate your own ideology in the process.  That in fact is what we are doing today and it does not serve us well at all.


Setting aside the hidden agenda part of things for the moment, it does not make much sense to destroy the freedoms of our own citizens, so that we can fight for the freedoms of others. It is just hypocrisy.  In addition, it makes little sense to say that we believe all men have a right to be free, but then deny them choice over their own politics.  It is saying that “you will accept our concept of freedom, whether you want to or not, because if you don’t, we must kill you.  We are only trying to help you.”


It is a very flawed logic.  It is a “logic” used by liars, hypocrites and those who have hidden agendas. 


The world may be united in one of two ways.  One is by freedom of all men and by mutual agreement.  The other is by slavery where in all are conquered and controlled by a totalitarian elite.  In the end it comes down to the same principles upon which this country was founded.


It is rather simple when you think about it.


The role of government is to protect the freedom of its own people.  They do this by serving them to that end only.  That is it.


Military needs to be limited to defensive operations only.  This whole idea of preemptive war is shit.  It is an excuse for imperialism and agression.  Only under the fear generated by the war mongers would we have allowed it.  We need to be stronger than that.


Terrorism is sparked by this attitude.  As bad as it is, it is a response to the aggression and imperialistic one world order agenda of the corrupt banking war mongers.  You want to stop terrorism?  Stop fueling hatred.  The bankers and politicians do not want to stop terrorism.  The war on terror is what they want.


Now turning to the concept of free trade between nations.  There are two ways in which wealth and resources are exchanged between countries.  One is through trade.  It literally is just that.  Trading.  Giving something of value in return for something of value.  It must be free.  Not coerced.  The government should stay out of it, just as they should stay out of the private lives and commerce of its own citizens.


The second way for a country to get resources is through plunder and theft.  We have squandered our own resources including the creative innovative minds of our people because we have abandoned all the principles of freedom, ethics and morality.  There is nothing left for us now but to steal from the rest of the world.  This is not going to work.  We must again return to the founding principles or we will be lost.  We will be lost even if we succeed in conquering the rest of the world.



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